Red Deer Real Estate Market Update, September 2021

Is now the time to buy real estate in Red Deer?

A look at the numbers tells us the average sale price for September 2021 versus September 2020 is higher, sales volume is stronger, the days to sell is shorter, and the sale to new listings ratio is stronger.

Red Deer Real Estate Market Update

How is the market this year compared to last year overall?

A little deeper diver into the numbers shows us that year-to-date numbers echo the monthly numbers but are more pronounced.

(***Note 2020 March thru May market volume was the lowest seen in many, many years.  influencing the YTD numbers due to COVID lockdown).

Red Deer Real Estate Market Update

How strong was September 2021 compared to 2020?  

The sales volume in 2021 was the best sales volume we have seen since 2014!

An indication that the market is growing more positive, and the lowest point is behind us.  If you were trying to time the market, we are now in a gradual upward trend.

Red Deer Real Estate Market Update